Summer Chess Camps

Summer chess camps have been proven as an effective way to enhance the kid's chess skills in a very short period of time. With one week of total immersion of chess activities including lectures, practice games, internal competition, bughouse, etc., the progress a student makes may equivalent to about 2-3 month of one-time weekly small group lessons. A serious chess student should usually move up about 50 - 100 points in USCF rating scale after a one-week camp.

Most of other summer chess camps are generic camps. The students can range from absolute beginners who know nothing about chess to USCF 1200 players. This kind of camps are still helpful for participants but their effectiveness is very limited because of huge difference of student's skill levels. Dragon Chess Center will run several chess camps during this summer in Columbus and Cincinnati metropolitan areas. Each of them is specifically tailored  for certain level of students. For chess camps in your location, check here:

    Columbus Summer Chess Camps

    Cincinnati Summer Chess Camps

Contact: Jay Mao @ 614-439-2400 or
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