Chess Tournament Results

The members of the Dragon Chess Club have participated in various local and state chess tournaments. They have won numerous individual trophies, team trophies and plagues and other rewards. Here are partial results for Dragon Chess Club members in some important chess tournaments:

State or Multi-state Scholastic Chess Tournaments:

2015 Ohio Girls Championship

2015 Queen City Classic

2014 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2014 Ohio Elementary Championship

2014 Queen City Classic

2013 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2013 Ohio Elementary Championship

2013 Queen City Classic

2013 Ohio Girls Championship

2012 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2012 Ohio Elementary Championship

2012 Queen City Classic

2011 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2011 Queen City Classic

2010 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2010 Ohio Elementary Championship

2010 Queen City Classic

2010 Ohio Girls Championship

2009 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2009 Queen City Classic

Columbus Metropolitan Area Major Scholastic Chess Tournaments:

2015 Worthington Chess Challenge

2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger Chess Classic

2015 Devonshire Chess Classic

2015 Brain Freeze

2014 Fall Clover Chess Challenge

2014 Columbus Chess Academy Fall Classic

2014 Worthington Chess Challenge

2014 Devonshire Chess Classic

2014 Brain Freeze

2013 Buckeye Scholastic

2013 Clover Chess Challenge

2013 Knights of Northern Kentucky

2013 Worthington Chess Challenge

2013 CAHS Classic

2013 Brain Freeze

2012 St. Brendan Fall Scholastic

2012 Clover Chess Challenge

2012 National Road

2012 Dublin Chess Classic

2012 St. Brendan Spring Scholastic

2012 Worthington Chess Challenge

2012 CAHS Classic

2012 Brain Freeze

2011 Clover Chess Challenge

2011 National Road

2011 CAHS Classic

2011 Brain Freeze

2010 Clover Chess Challenge

2010 National Road

2010 CAHS Classic

2010 Brain Freeze

2009 Easton Community Classic

2009 National Road
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