2014 Ohio Grade Level Championship

2014 Ohio Grade Level Championship was held at Cincinnati, Ohio on November 22. Most top regional student chess players in Ohio for each grade gather together and compete with each other each year. The individual winners in each grade section are hailed as the "Grade State Champion" for the year. Total 236 students chess players from all over Ohio participated in this highest level chess tournaments for Ohio K-12 students.

Twenty two current students from Dragon Chess Center participated in the tournament.

Here are Individual top 3 for kindergarten, top 5 for 1st grade, and top 8 for all other grades:

    Irving Mao -
state champion
    Ethan Yao - 3rd place

1st Grade:
    Benjamin Yin -
state champion
    Zehua (Edward) Zha - 2nd place
    Bhavya Singhal - 3rd place

2nd Grade:
    Chethan Guntupalli - 5th place

3rd Grade:
    Tarun Killi - 3rd place
    Varun Sathyajeeth - 6th place

4th Grade:
    Jeremy Grimm - 5th place
    Nikil Prabhakar - 6th place
    Kushal Kothapalli - 8th place


1. Among all the twenty two participants from current student of Dragon Chess Center, most of them are the first appearance at the Ohio Grade Level Championships. They did very well. Eight players won individual trophies. Most of Dragon players come from Cincinnati area. Only six players come from Columbus area.

2. The number of participants of this state championship is significantly less than that last year. Location is one of the reasons because Cincinnati is located at Southwest corner of Ohio. Another reason is severe road condition in the morning of the tournament day. Some players from other part of Ohio have to withdraw from the tournament Including two Dragon players - Aizvereah Somakandan and Lisa Thomas. Aizvereah was the runner up in first grade section last year. Because of absence of some top players from this state championship, the final results do not accurately reflect the overall picture of top players of each grade in Ohio.

3. Team Champions:

    Kindergarten - Mason Early Childhood Center (Irving Mao, Ethan Yao)
    1st Grade - Mason Early Childhood Center (Benjamin Yin, Zehua Zha)
    2nd Grade - Mason Early Childhood Center (Joseph Winkler, Jason Xu)
    3rd Grade - Western Row (Jason Wang, Tarun Killi, Varun Sathyajeeth)
    4th Grade - Mason Intermediate (Nikil Prabhakar, ...)
    5th Grade - Wyandot Elementary (Justin Wu, Dinesh Bojja)
    6th Grade - Mason Intermediate (Kevin Ren, Rithvik Kilaparthi, Arvind Prasad, Duke Wang)
    7th Grade - Grizell Middle School (Sujan Rachuri, Shourjya Ghosh, Elizabeth Gagnon)
    8th Grade - Mason Middle School (Kevin Zhu, Nolan Song)

Except fourth and eight grade (partially), all members of champion teams from Kindergarten through eighth grade are current or former students of Dragon Chess Center.
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