2014 Ohio Elementary Championship

2014 Ohio Elementary Chess Championships was held at 4-H Center in Columbus on May 17. This tournament is one of two state level scholastic chess tournaments in Ohio and is the last scholastic chess tournament in this school year. This tournament attracted total 252 players coming from all over Ohio. Thirty seven current students of Dragon Chess Center participated in this tournament. This is the second biggest turnout of Dragon players in a big scholastic chess tournament in this school year. Thirteen of them came from Cincinnati area. Here is a list of individual trophy winners of Dragon players:

(Note: The non-rated section had six rounds. All other sections had five rounds.)

Non-rated Section (K-4):

    Zehua (Edward) Zha -
1st place, 6.0
    Aizvereah Somakandan - 3rd place, 5.0
    Dinesh Bojja - 6th place, 5.0
    Rishikesh Makineni - 7th place, 5.0
    Lucas Xue - 9th place, 5.0
    Saketh Kalikiri - 10th place, 5.0
    Chethan Guntupalli - 11th place, 4.5

Reserve Section (K-6 U700):

    Tarun Killi - 2nd place,
    Shreyas Sunder - 6th place, 4.0
    Amey Haridhas - 7th place, 4.0
    Melissa Thomas - 10th place, 3.5

Primary Championship Section (K-3):

    Vayun Mathur - 6th place, 3.5


1. The players in almost all sections are stronger than those in most other tournaments. The competition in almost all sections at this tournament is very intensive with higher quality. Our player did relative well.

2. Significant Rating Changes:

    Akshar Aiyer: 1057 -> 1114
    Ameya Saraf: 808 -> 956
    Alison Thomas: 796 -> 953
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