2012 Worthington Chess Challenge

2012 Worthington Chess Challenge was held on 3/10. This is a local chess tournament which is attended primarily by elementary students (K-6). Fifteen players from Dragon Chess Center participated in this tournament. Here are individual trophy winners:

K-2 Non-rated section:

    Amogh Mahambare - 2nd place,
5.0 pts.
    Aja Sampath - 3rd place, 4.0 pts.
    Shiv Malhotra - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
    Tej Sampath - 5th place, 4.0 pts.
    Viktor Mishkin - 6th place, 4.0 pts.

3-5 Non-rated section:

    Alvin Anand - 2nd place,
5.0 pts.
    Sampreeth Krovvidi - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
    Rohan Shome - 8th place, 4.0 pts.
    Jayanth Donthireddy - 9th place, 4.0 pts.

Rated U700 section:

    Jeremy Grimm - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.


1. Both Alvin and Amogh got a perfect score of 5.0, but they lost a tiebreaker to only get a 2nd place.

2. Tej (PK) and Viktor (K) did very well in a K-2 Non-rated section. Shiv had another strong showing. Jeremy had a smooth journey in his first voluntary rated tournament. His result should encourage other level 3 students to get rated soon.
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