2012 Queen City Classic

11th Queen City Classic was held in Cincinnati on March 16 - 17, 2012. About 674 student chess players coming from several states participated in this biggest chess event in Midwest. Fifty two of students represented the Dragon Chess Club team at this tournament. The Dragon Chess Team took home 38 individual trophies and 8 team trophies. Here is the summary of the results:

Individual Award with trophies:

Kindergarten Non-rated:

Viktor Mishkin - 1st place, 4.5 pts.
Sean Guo - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.
Sean Jackson - 3rd place, 3.0 pts.
Tej Sampath - 5th place, 3.0 pts.

1st grade Non-rated:

Timothy Cao - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Kevin Dong - 2nd place, 4.5 pts.
Aja Sampath - 5th place, 4.0 pts.
Michelle Chen - 6th place, 3.5 pts.

2nd grade Non-rated:

Amogh Mahambare - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Shiv Malhotra - 2nd place, 5.0 pts.
Dakshin Pisini - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
Sneha Prabu - 5th place, 4.0 pts.
Gilbert Mao - 7th place, 4.0 pts.

3rd grade Non-rated:

Chari Govindarajan - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Aditya Jambhale - 2nd place, 5.0 pts.
Aadit Mukherjee - 8th place, 3.0 pts.

4th grade Non-rated:

Abhirami Suresh - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Shourjya Ghosh - 2nd place, 4.5 pts.
Alvin Anand - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
Jessica Wang - 5th place, 4.0 pts.
Sujan Rachuri - 7th place, 4.0 pts.

5th grade Non-rated:

Nolan Song - 2nd place, 5.0 pts.
Kevin Song - 3rd place, 5.0 pts.

Eric Xu - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
Rohan, Shome - 6th place, 4.0 pts.
Nikith Konakalla - 7th place, 4.0 pts.
Jayanth Donthireddy - 8th place, 4.0 pts.
Sampreeth Krovvidi - 9th place, 4.0 pts.
Allan Tian - 13th place, 3.5 pts.
Daniel Xu - 15th place, 3.5 pts.
Lucas Zhang - 18th place, 3.5 pts.
Alan Guo - 19th place, 3.5 pts.

6th grade Non-rated:

Victor Lim - 8th place, 4.0 pts.
Saket Nekkanti - 9th place, 4.0 pts.
Alex Wang - 17th place, 3.5 pts.

7th-9th grade Non-rated

Daniel Song -
1st place, 5.0 pts.

Rated Sections:

4-6 U700:

Ved Sampath -
1st place, 5.0 pts.

4-6 Open:

Brian Pang - 14th place, 3.5 pts.

Team Awards for Dragon Chess Club team:

kindergarten Non-rated -
1st place
1st grade Non-rated -
1st place
2nd grade Non-rated -
1st place
3rd grade Non-rated -
1st place
4th grade Non-rated -
1st place
5th grade Non-rated - 1st place
6th grade Non-rated - 2nd place
7th - 9th grade Non-rated - 2nd place


1. The students from the Dragon Chess Club dominated the kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade non-rated sections at the 11th Queen City Classic chess tournament. They swept all the section team champions with big leads and all but one section individual champions in these six sections. The students from Dragon Chess Club grabbed four out top five spots in Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade non-rated sections.

2. The kindergarten non-rated section gathered almost all best chess players at six years old or younger in Ohio. This is almost like a state championship rematch. Viktor stood out this time. All players in this sections received individual trophies. But I only count top five trophies winners here.

3. Ten players in Dragon team got a perfect score of 5.0. This is the first time perfect score  for Shiv, Chari, Aditya, Abhirami, Nolan, Kevin S., Daniel S. and Ved in a big chess tournament.
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