2011 Clover Chess Challenge

2011 Clover Chess Challenge was held on November 12th in Columbus. About 160 players participated in this tournament. This is the third big local chess tournament in Columbus Metro area in this school year. It attracted some strong chess club teams or school chess teams in Ohio. Twenty of my current students participated in this tournament. They won 10 individual trophies and all four team champion trophies in four sections which we have three or more players.

Rated Reserve U1000:
Team Champion
     Jeremy Koebel - 1 place, 4.0 pts.
     Stella Huang - 3rd place, 4.0 pts.

Rated Elementary (K-6):
Team Champion
      Ayush Sunkad - 1st place, 4.5 pts.
      Ray Chung - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
      Brian Zhou 5th place, 3.5 pts. (honorable medal)

Non-rated 4-6:
Team Champion
      Ved Sampath - 3rd place, 4.0 pts.
      Brian Pang - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
      Saket Nekkanti - 5th place, 4.0 pts.
      Alvin Anand - 6th place, 4.0 pts. (honorable medal)

Non-rated K-3:
Team Champion
      Jeremy Grimm - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
      Amogh Mahambare - 2nd place, 4.5 pts.
      Aditya Jambhale - 4th place, 4.0 pts.


1. This is another very successful tournament for Dragon Chess Center students. All four section teams won team champions and they all had very big lead against the second place teams. 

2. All rated players had rating increase. The following students had big rating jumps:

    Stella Huang:  857 -> 1020
    Ayush Sunkad: 844 -> 957
    Ray Chung: NR -> 947
    Jeremy Koebel: 834 -> 925
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