2010 Queen City Classic

Queen City Classic was held in Cincinnati on March 12 - 13, 2010. About 625 student chess players coming from eight states participated in this biggest scholastic chess event in Midwest. Thirty four of students from the Dragon Chess Club took part in this tournament. After almost eight-hour-long battle of five-round competition, they took home 23 individual trophies and 6 team trophies. The individual trophies are only for players who got 3.5 points out of 5.0 except few sections. In general, about 25% players won individual trophies at the Queen City Classic. Among members of the Dragon Chess Club, 68% of them got individual trophies. Here are the results:

Individual Players who won trophies:

Kindergarten nonrated:

Brian Zhou - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Justin Wu - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.
Michael Lin - 6th place, 3.0 pts.
Austin Yan - 7th place, 3.0 pts.
Shiv Malhotra - 9th place, 3.0 pts.
Dakshin Pisini - 10th place, 3.0 pts.

1st grade nonrated:

Vincent Baker - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Aaron Xie - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.
Lucas Huang - 3rd place, 4.0 pts.
Yihone Chu - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
Ethan Chung - 5th place, 4.0 pts.

2nd grade nonrated:

Stanley Cao - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Joshua Yu - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.
Andrew Dvorkin - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
Lily Tang - 6th place, 4.0 pts.
Brian Pang - 8th place, 3.0 pts.

3rd grade nonrated:

Lisa Lin - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Stella Huang - 2nd place, 5.0 pts.
Jeremy Koebel - 4th place, 4.0 pts.
Justin Thomas - 6th place, 4.0 pts.

5th grade nonrated:

Hannah Bloch - 14th place, 3.5 pts.

6th grade nonrated:

Roy Wang - 6th place, 4.0 pts.

4-6 Open:

Andrew Mao - 3rd place, 4.0 pts.

Team Rankings for Dragon Chess Club team:

kindergarten nonrated - 1st place
1st grade nonrated - 1st place
2nd grade nonrated - 1st place
3rd place nonrated - 1st place
6th grade nonrated - 3rd place

Team Ranking for the Prep Academy team: (an affiliate of the Dragon Chess Club)
kindergarten nonrated - 3rd place


1. The students from the Dragon Chess Club almost completely dominated the kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade non-rated sections at this year's Queen City Classic. They swept all the section individual champions and runner-ups and team champions with big leads in these four sections. The Dragon Chess Club was created in just little over a year ago. Most of students are third grade or younger.

2. Justin Wu, Aaron Xie, Lucas Huang, Joshua Yu, and Lily Tang lost only one game at the Queen City Classic and they all lost the game to their fellows of the Dragon Chess Club
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