2010 Ohio Grade Level Championship

Ohio Grade Level Championships is the biggest state scholastic chess tournament in Ohio. Most of top students players in Ohio gather together annually to compete for the top spots in each grade. The first place winner for each grade is honored as the "state champion" for the year. Total 369 students chess players from all over Ohio participated in the 2010 Ohio Grade Level Championship which was held in on 11/20/2010 in Aurora, Ohio.  Among them, there are 25 students from the Dragon Chess Center and her affiliated school chess clubs.

Individual Trophy Winners among Members of the Dragon Chess Club:

Kindergarten: (5 trophies)

   George Liu - 3rd place
   Yenda Chu - 5th place

1st Grade: (5 trophies)

Austin Yan - state champion
Justin Wu - state co-champion
    Christopher Shen - 3rd place
    Brian Zhou - 4th place
    Shiv Malhotra - 5th place

2nd Grade:

   Vincent Jingwei Baker - 3rd place  
3rd Grade:

    Ayush Sunkad - 10th place

5th Grade:

Andrew Mao - state champion

Team Trophy Winner by members of the Dragon Chess Club:

Champion - Dubin Prep Academy ( George Liu, Yenda Chu )

1st Grade: 3rd place - Hilliard Crossing Elementary ( Shiv Malhotra, Sneha Prabu )

2nd Grade: 3rd place - Deer Run Elementary ( Ethan Chung, Yihone Chu )

3rd Grade:
Champion - Thomas Elementary ( Ayush Sunkad, Shivani Dhekne, ... )

4th Grade: 3rd place - Beacon Elementary ( Stella Huang, Jeremy Koebel )

7th Grade: 3rd place - Sells Middle School ( Ganesh Yuluguri, ... )

Note: the 3rd grade and 7th grade teams are united teams by my students and other students from their same schools.
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