2010 Ohio Girls Championship

2010 Ohio Girls Championship was held in Columbus on 2/20/2010. This is the only state level chess tournament for girls in Ohio. About 100 players from all over Ohio participated in this tournament. Five players from the Dragon Chess Club played in the K-12 non-rated section. This section alone has 59 players. After five rounds of intensive competition, four of them won trophies. Here are their rankings:

Stella Huang - 2nd place; 4.5 pts.
Lily Tang - 3rd place; 4.5 pts.
Lisa Lin - 7th place; 3.5 pts.
Singkai Baker - 11th place; 3.5 pts


1. Among these four girls, three are 3rd graders and one is second grade. They are among the best in a K-12 non-rated section.

2. More amazingly, Stella, Lily, and Singkai have learned and played chess for less than six months. Some other top players in this section have learned and played chess for years.

3. Both Stella and Lily got 4.5 points out of 5.0. They didn't lose any game. Stella drew one game with Lisa and Lisa lost only one game to Lily. If not the internal fighting, they might get better results.
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