2010 CAHS Classic Chess Tournament

2010 CAHS Classic chess tournament was held in Columbus on 3/6/2010. This tournament is usually the biggest scholastic chess tournament in Columbus metro area. But because this tournament was originally scheduled in the same month as the Ohio Girls Championship, I only recommended level 3 boys plus two top kindergarten students to this tournament. Two of my students withdrew from the tournament because the postponed date is just one week from the Queen City Classic. The turn-out for this tournament is actually very big. Over 270 players participated in this tournament. Nine of them are my current students. Here are their results:

K-3 unrated Section:

Kindergarten Group:
Justin Wu - 1st place, 5.0 pts.
Brian Zhou - 3rd place, 4.0 pts.

First Grade Group:
Vincent (Jingwei) Baker - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.
Aaron Xie - 4th place, 3.0 pts.

Second Grade Group:
Joshua Yu - 2nd place, 4.0 pts.

Third Grade Group:
Justin Thomas - 1st place, 5.0 pts.

U1200 Section:
Gordan Liu - 5th place, 4.0 pts.


1. Six of my students took part in the K-3 unrated section which alone had 89 players. All of them got trophies. The lowest rank is fourth place. The only two perfect scores (5.0) winners in this section are my students: Justin Thomas and Justin Wu. This is an excellent result.

2. Gordan Liu, Matthew Yuan, and Joshua Qian played in U1200 section. That is the second highest rated section. Both Gordan and Matthew got their rating raised over 100 points.
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