2009 Queen City Classic

Queen City Classic was held in Cincinnati on April 18, 2009. About 600 student chess players coming from eight states participated in this biggest scholastic chess event in Midwest. Ten students from the Dragon Chess Club took part in this tournament. After almost eight-hour-long battle of five-round competition, they took home 8 individual trophies and are main contributors for 3 team trophies. The individual trophies are only for players who got 3.5 points out of 5.0 except few sections. Here are the results:

Individual Players who won trophies:

Kindergarten nonrated:
    Joshua Qian - 1st place
    Lucas Huang - 2nd place

2nd grade nonrated:
    Gordan Liu - 2nd place

3rd grade nonrated:
    Jiaqi Liu - 3rd place

Team Rankings for Teams with Dragon Chess Club members:
    kindergarten nonrated - 1st place
    2nd grade nonrated - 1st place
    3rd place nonrated - 2nd place
    K-3 Open - 1st place
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