2009 National Road Chess Tournament

Ten of my students participated in the National Road chess tournament 10/10/2009. Overall, more than 70 players from Ohio participated in this tournament. Here is a brief summary of the results of my students at this tournament:

1. Sean Yu and Gordan Liu played at U1000 section. Sean's rating jumped 252 points to 704.
2. Eight students of mine played at K-3 unrated section. Here are rankings of my students at this section:

        Joshua Qian - 1 st place
        Nathan Yu - 2nd place
        Lucas Huang - 3rd place
        Joshua Yu - 4th place
        Matthew Yuan - 5th place
--------------------------------------- trophy winners above
        Jason Guo - 6th place
        Justin Thomas - 8th place


If you look at the the results of K-3 unrated section, you may think that it is an in-house tournament among my own students. Even if this section is relative small comparing with some other local scholastic chess tournaments, but the players in this section come from all over Columbus Metro area. They belong to different school chess clubs or study at different chess programs. At a chess tournament ceremony, the announcer usually call a trophy winner's name and also say the school or chess club he/she associated to. But this time, the announcer "forgot" to mention the school or chess club those trophy winners belong to. For K-3 unrated section, all five individual trophies are won by my students and they all belong to the Dragon Chess Club.
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